The Savvy Mermaid launched in January of 2016 as an Etsy shop.  There are things we have wanted to be able to do, like awarding promo codes for FREE Files, that we couldn't offer through the Etsy format.  They only allow the item be discounted a certain amount.  So in December of 2016, we expanded to a private custom website.  We are excited about the wonderful growth of the first year, and about the expanded options we will now have with our website!  I get help, inspiration, and support from my husband of 15 years, and my three wonderful boys.  We are located in Southeast Texas, and love to visit anywhere with warm beaches!

The Savvy Mermaid allows me to keep creating and designing even when I don't have as much time to be at my desk crafting.   I tend to see designs and think, “I like that!.... but I would do this _____ instead and change this to ____.”  The difference is in the details!

Like many of you, I am a busy mom and wife. I also love a challenge! I have kids in both public school, and home school.  We love to spend lots of time together as a family!  Personally, I have always liked to do research and learn things independently. For years, I have done this with crafts, legal, cooking, photography, embroidery, travel and all sorts of other things too! I love creating designs simply because it makes me feel good when I have accomplished something that I can be proud of. For most items in my shop, I am looking to create items and designs that you could not just walk into any big box retailer and buy. I love designs that allow you to customize things with initials, school logos and colors, teams, hobbies, and whatever else you can think up for me to try!  

Almost all of the designs are designed with HTV (Heat transfer vinyl) in mind.  They will also work just as well with regular vinyl, but there are things in the way that our design is built that may be different from another shop.  Ours are designed to help you avoid important things like "gaps" in between pieces of HTV once pressed.  The designs are done with the goal that you end up with a cleaner more professional finished product, and less headache in getting the vinyl applied.  We look forward to many years of pleasing our customers with great designs!

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